“What is a Read&Write for Work Champion?” - we hear you ask. 

As you probably already know, your organization has invested in Read&Write for Work. With this new software, all of your colleagues can benefit from features that support them to understand, work and communicate in their own way. It benefits everyone, but is especially helpful for those of us who are neurodivergent. As well as people who speak English as a Second language, have low literacy, or have a condition that affects reading and writing. 

As Read&Write for Work Champion, you would become your organization’s number one go-to expert for the software. You’ll receive training that will help you to gain expert knowledge. In fact, you’ll become a Read&Write for Work Certified Trainer. Your colleagues would get to know you as ‘the master of the toolbar’, and there will be a demand for your knowledge.

Above all, you’ll help your colleagues to feel more confident and successful at work.

That’s because you’ll be an advocate for the software, helping your colleagues to see how it can benefit them. So, if you’re passionate about helping people, then this role could be for you. 

Take a look around your office. Imagine what it would be like if all of your colleagues felt as happy and confident at work than you. And the satisfaction you would feel, because YOU made that happen. If that makes you smile, then read on to find out what you can do to become a champ!

6 simple steps to becoming a Read&Write Champion

1. Master the software

Firstly, you’ll need to get to know the software better. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Your organization has their own dedicated Customer Relationship Manager here at Texthelp. So we’re here to offer our support, at any time. Just ask the person that sent you this blog to introduce you to us!

We’ve also got lots of training materials for you. The first being our dedicated Learning Academy with resources to help you get to know the software in your own time. The second is our remote product training. It’s a course that we’ve created to help bring your knowledge of the software up to expert level. You’ll become a Read&Write for Work Certified Trainer, ready to share your mastery with the rest of your team and beyond!

Book your training slot, and we’ll get you partnered up with our friendly team of product champions.

"The knowledge I now have of Read&Write for Work enables me to quickly demonstrate how to set it up and the benefits of using the software. I can help give new users the confidence to ‘play’ with Read&Write and get a feel of the software.” 

-  Foreign and Commonwealth Office -

2. Normalize your use of the toolbar

Use the software as part of your daily norm. The more you use it, the more you’ll be able to demonstrate to your colleagues how it can benefit the day-to-day tasks carried out in your organization. You’ll also be able to answer any questions much easier.

To help you get started, use the toolbar to carry out a few of the tasks below.

  • Write and proofread an email
    (hint - there are multiple input methods including Word Prediction and Talk&Type, as well as various ways to proofread such as Check It and Text-to-Speech. Experiment and find out what you prefer best)
  • Summarize and collect content from a web page or document
    (hint - Four colorful friends can Highlight the way for you here)
  • Convert a lengthy report into an MP3 file for listening on the go
    (hint - Being an Audio Maker has never been so easy!)

3. Establish your on-going responsibility

Introduce yourself as the Read&Write for Work Champion in your organization, and let your colleagues know that you’re there for support. You could share your new role at the next staff meeting, send a company wide email, or ask department managers to share your contact details with their teams.

4. Share the benefits of the software

Share the benefits of the software with your colleagues so they’re aware of the help it can bring to their working day. Chat naturally to those in your office about the benefits you’re finding yourself. Team up with the HR department and department managers who are already sharing the benefits, and come up with inventive ways to demonstrate how the software provides support.

Some ideas include:

  • Holding a monthly presentation focused around different topics. For example, ‘Top 3 tips for using Read&Write for Work’, or ‘Your most commonly asked questions about the toolbar’.
  • Writing the occasional piece for your organization’s internal newsletter. An idea for a title could be ‘4 ways the Communications team are benefiting from Read&Write for Work’.
  • Dropping into team meetings to share product updates (make sure you carry out step 6 to stay up to date with all the latest news about Read&Write for Work).

5. Take time out to train

As you establish yourself into your role as Read&Write for Work Champion, your colleagues will be introducing themselves to you as Read&Write for Work users, or those with an interest that want to know more. You’ll get to know which colleagues would prefer your one-on-one support, and those that might find it beneficial to attend a group training session. Work with the Learning and Development Manager to provide informative training for those who want to gain more knowledge - after all, who better to provide this than the organization’s Read&Write for Work expert!

6. Stay up to date

At Texthelp, we’re always working hard to make sure our software is updated in line with technological advancements, and the desires of our end-users. So, to make sure you’re always up to date on all that’s new with Read&Write for Work, sign up to our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media.

Got what it takes?

If you have a desire to help others and feel you would enjoy carrying out the six duties of a Read&Write for Work Champion, reach out to the person responsible for Learning and Development in your organization.