A quick introduction to Read&Write

What is Read&Write?

Read&Write is a powerful set of reading and writing tools that supports the different ways we think, work and learn.

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How does Read&Write benefit us?

Read&Write allows us to:

Communicate in the way we feel most comfortable

Dictate information rather than type. Type using Word Prediction, and maintain your flow without distraction.

Focus more easily

Use concentration features, such as Screen Masking, to focus more easily on the content you want to read.

Complete tasks with more confidence

Use intuitive writing features and proofreading tools to improve the quality of your work.

Choose how to understand information

Hear written text read out loud. Use organizational features to collect and summarize large amounts of content in your own way.

Collaborate more effectively

Leave voice notes in collaborative documents instead of written feedback. Use translation features to communicate with colleagues across the globe.

Work more efficiently

Use Audio Maker to convert large amounts of text into audio files, for easy listening on the go. Convert paper documents and inaccessible PDFs into accessible digital formats for easy editing.

Who does Read&Write support?

Read&Write supports 100% of us to work in our own preferred way.

That’s because it suits all types of workstyles. From the visual learners and auditory processors, to the verbal communicators and beyond.

It’s also particularly helpful for those of us who;

  • Are neurodivergent. The software includes tools designed specifically to support those of us with a neurodiversity such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism and ADHD. Discover more about Read&Write’s neurodiversity features.
  • Speak English as a second language. Read&Write includes features that increase comprehension and expand language skills. For example, Translator offers single word written and spoken translations in multiple languages. Other useful features include: Dictionary and Vocabulary List. Discover more about these features.
  • Have a condition that affects reading and writing. For example, conditions that may cause visual disturbances or difficulty with working memory. As well as conditions that cause fatigue, that may be impacted further by mental activities. Useful features include: Text-to-Speech, Dictation, Audio Maker. Discover more about these features.

Discover how your peers are using and benefiting from Read&Write.

What features are included?

Read&Write's features offer benefits to all of us. 

Reading features make digital text easier to understand, for everyone. Writing tools allow us to communicate more confidently, and in our own way. Research & collaboration tools support us when completing independent tasks, and team work too.

These resources will give you a quick overview of all features included:

1. Download this short guide

Download this short guide and discover what each feature is and how it might benefit you.

2. Explore this interactive toolbar

Use this interactive toolbar to explore what Read&Write has to offer. Simply click on the arrows to learn more about each feature.

3. Watch this 6 minute video

Watch this short video and listen as Texthelp's James Deignan demos some of Read&Write's popular features.

Now, explore our detailed feature tours

Explore all features in even more detail with our feature tours.