Equatio Student Resources

Introducing your students to Equatio

To begin, let everyone know about the 'blue diamond' icon.

Before rolling out Equatio at your school, district, or campus, we recommend letting students know about the new math and science tool that they have access to and that it will be showing up on their devices. That way, the first time they see the icon, they won’t be surprised or confused. Instead, they’ll be excited to explore the different ways that they can us Equatio and what it can do for them.

Share these videos with your students

We've put together two handy videos that you can share with your students to show them what to expect from Equatio.

  1. General Equatio overview
  2. Equatio mathspace tour

Equatio overview

We all learn and understand maths in different ways. Equatio creates accessible and engaging learning experiences by giving students choice in what tools to use. Students can create mathematical equations, formulas and more on their computers or Chromebook. If you’re ready to get Equatio up and running in your classroom, this video covers everything your students need to know to get started.

Equatio mathspace tour

Equatio mathspace acts like a digital whiteboard that students can use to explore new math questions and problems, or draw shapes and diagrams. Using drawings to explain difficult math concepts is a great way to help students get to grips with concepts and demonstrate their understanding. This video walks through how students can use Equatio Mathspace in their everyday life to make maths and STEM topics more accessible, easy and fun.