Using The Infinite Cloner in Equatio mathspace

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Providing students with multiple copies of an object inside a Mathspace can be done very easily. Simply select any item on the Mathspace page. This can be anything visible in the ‘space.’ Once the object has a box around it & it has been selected, a menu will appear on the far right side of the screen. In the menu, you will see the Infinite Cloner toggled to the off position. Click on the toggle to turn it blue. In the upper left corner of the object that you selected, you will see a gray icon appear indicating that this object is now available for cloning. The Infinite Cloner is designed to work once the Mathspace has been shared with students. However, if you would like to use it on the teacher side of the mathspace, look in the upper right corner for the phrase that says Apply/Lock Cloner. If you toggle this to the on position, you have now turned on the functionality from the teacher side. You may also notice in the upper right corner a toggle that will allow you to hide the gray icons if you so wish. On the student side of the mathspace, they will notice all items by default that have been cloned or locked. If the gray icons are a distraction, they may toggle off the icons in the upper right corner. It is now time to interact with the cloned object. Notice how I can now use the object that was cloned and there are multiple copies stacked one on top of the other.