Using The Desmos Scientific Calculator

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There are many calculators available to students on digital devices. In Equatio, we have a built in calculator available in our STEM tools drawer. This is not your average calculator however. This is the Desmos Scientific Calculator which is featured on the majority of state exams found commonly across the US and even internationally. To check if Desmos is on your test, please visit: Upon opening the Scientific Calculator, the first tab has your numerical keypad, basic operations, and functionality for basic trigonometry, roots, fractions, exponents, and absolute value. The second tab will give you the ability to use a full QWERTY keyboard, and the final tab houses all your more advanced trigonometric and statistical functions using the function keyboard. Don't settle for using any old calculator. Give students the practice they need in order to help make them more comfortable on the exam by giving them the exact same calculator throughout the school year by using Equatio.