Using Speech Input In Equatio

  • Speech Input

Users of Equatio can use the Speech Input method by using a microphone for your computer or device. The default window for spoken math can be dragged up or down depending on the amount of space one might need to audibly record their work. You can speak one line of math at a time. When finished recording hit the pause button to end the microphone recording. To begin recording on Line 2, tap enter on your keyboard to move your cursor to the second line. Tap the record button again to begin recording. If the spoken math is not recognized and transcribes the math into the wrong symbol or wrong number, simply edit the digitzed math on the right side. Please note, once you click in the math editor box, you will lose all the spoken text on the left hand side. Speech Input can really help populations of students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, poor or limited motor skills, vision impairments, and physical disabilities. It will not recognize all math terms or symbols so for more complex items, you may want to defer to typing out the math back in the Equatio Equation Editor.

Here's a quick guide with lots of examples of phrases you can use to get the most out of the feature