Using NVDA Screenreading Software With Equatio

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Every Equatio insert contains the Alt Text behind each digital representation of the Math or STEM item. This is imperative for screenreader users. On the Google Document I have placed 4 singular math items. I have also placed a fully solved logarithmic equation along with the solution for this problem. It is 9 lines of math. Take a listen and hear how NVDA is able to read aloud the Math for the following problems and the logarithmic equation which is solved. In order to use and make math with Equatio, one must be able to navigate from the Google Document to the Equatio toolbar. Use the keyboard shortcut ALT + Shft + Q to put the focus on your toolbar. Then navigate to the editor, type in a formula. To insert content, one may use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + Enter and the content you made with Equatio will insert right into the platform you are using. The ability to level the playing field for all users is behind many of the things we do here at Texthelp and making math and STEM content as accessible as possible is very important to us on the Equatio Team.