Solving Vertical Operations

  • Equation Editor

Open your Equation Editor to search for the matrix of your choosing. For example type in 'Add' and select 2 digit or 3 digit addition. Click in the box to begin entering the digits for the problem. You may use the arrow keys on the keyboard for easy navigation. Use similar strategies for solving subtraction problems. Enter the problem in the corresponding boxes. You may use the top row for borrowing. Click to drag and highlight the numbers before clicking the ‘more’ button to access the general tab and then choose the strikethrough button. Showing your work in this manner will help show your instructor the work and allow them to see your understanding of the skill being assessed. Multiplication is available also. Enter the digits into the corresponding boxes, and use the rows provided to show your work and solve the problem. Type in 'long' until long division appears in prediction, and you will be given a matrix to use for inputting your dividend, divisor, and quotient. You may now use your highlighting, underlining, and division skills to solve and show your work.