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Insert a Tens Frame in Slides with Images Inserted as Counters

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Using presentation tools such as Google Slides is a great place for students to show their math skills and demonstrate their understanding.  While using Slides click on the Equatio Chrome Extension and choose the ‘Insert Mathspace’ button.  Once the Chrome tab opens, choose the ‘Shapes’ drawer.  Then, search for ‘Tens Frame.’  With your mouse, click and drag on the screen to draw the Tens Frame onto the empty Mathspace.  The grid will display along with ten red counters and ten blue counters.  In this example, I am going to remove the counters and insert my own images. Choose ‘Import Files,’ and select a couple images off of your hard drive.  In this example, I am going to bring in a basketball and a baseball.  Repeat these steps to bring in the baseball.  When you are finished, select the ‘Insert’ button in the upper right corner and your mathspace will insert into the Google Slides presentation slidedeck.