Insert a Tens Frame in Slides with Images Inserted as Counters

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Using Tens Frames helps form a basis for counting at an early age. In Google Slides, click on "Insert MathSpace" in the Equatio toolbar. Click on Shapes and then the broken horizontal line for more shapes. In the search bar, type in Tens Frames and select it. Using your mouse, click and drag to create the size of your tens frames. Two frames will form along with twenty counters (10 Red & 10 Blue). Drag your mouse to select all the counters, and then tap delete on your keyboard. Click on Import Files. Then you will have the option to bring your own picture file to use as counters. Once you import the one counter, select it with your mouse and tap on the clipboard to pasted nine more into your mathspace. Repeat the import process to bring ten more counters in of your choosing.