How To Utilize The Periodic Table

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Did you know that Equatio has STEM tools built in? Click on the STEM tools button on the Equatio toolbar and select the Periodic Table. Our Periodic Table is a fully digital and accessible. The Periodic Table of chemical elements, often called the periodic table, organizes all discovered chemical elements in rows (called periods) and columns (called groups) according to increasing atomic number. You may hover over each element with your mouse and it will be displayed and played aloud using a screenreader. Clicking on an element displays pertinent information like its atomic number, atomic mass, and more. A picture will also be displayed including a small summary. At the bottom of the summary is a hyperlink so you will be taken to the Wikipedia page for each element to look up and research even more information. Finally, you may also click the ‘Add to Equation Editor’ button and it will place the Chemical symbol for the element you are viewing into the editor.