WriQ Product Updates


June 2024

WriQ For Google Chrome (Version 3.6.3) - (June 10)

  • Google Docs Integration Fix To Repair Underlines

April 2024

WriQ For Google Chrome (Version 3.6.2) - (April 29)

  • Google Docs Integration Fix To Repair Underlines

January 2024

WriQ For Google Chrome (Version 3.6.1) - (January 4)

  • Google Docs Integration Fix To Repair Underlines


November 2023

WriQ For Google Chrome (Version 3.6.0) - (November 27)

  • Google Drive API scopes have been updated as required by Google

WriQ For Google Chrome (Version 3.5.10) - (November 3)

  • Google Docs Integration Fix To Repair Underlines

September 2023

WriQ For Google Chrome (Version 3.5.9) - (September 28)

  • Security Updates
  • Google Docs Integration Fix To Repair Underlines

July 2023

  • Security Updates

March 2023

  • Google Docs Integration Fix To Repair Underlines

February 2023

  • Google Docs Integration Fix To Repair Underlines

January 2023

  • Updated The WriQ API & Dashboard For A Security Update


November 2022

  • Updated All WriQ Servers to Amazon Linux 2

October 2022

  • Added the ‘Terms of Use’ inside the product menu
  • Updated the Login Screen for the WriQ Dashboard

September 2022

  • Student menu now includes a ‘Go To Dashboard’ button for easy access to the Student Dashboard

August 2022

  • 'Student Dashboard' now available

July 2022

  • 'Self Assess Mode' available for students

May 2022

  • Assign an assignment to multiple Google Classroom periods / sections at once.
  • Sync Assignment updates Google Classroom with rubric score.

April 2022

  • A student user now has access to a bank of writing prompts which they can access for creative writing.
  • A teacher can now assign prompts to a group of students in a classroom.

February 2022

  • A user can add and score up to 20 rubric rows when creating custom rubrics.

January 2022

  • Updated registration interface
  • Once registration is complete, it redirects the user to the WriQ Dashboard
  • Relocated the Teacher / Student toggle and changed the UI for the button


December 2021

  • The permissions in the product have been redesigned.  Permissions will now appear when a user triggers or performs an action in the product. 

November 2021

  • Texthelp Feedback popup will appear upon completion of filling out a rubric or scoring a document.  Other feedback options will appear in the WriQ dashboard.
  • Google spell check underlines are collected and displayed as WriQ errors.
  • Registration is now completed in the dashboard.

October 2021

  • Compatibility update to restore WriQ working with other extensions.

June 2021

  • Teacher badges now available.
  • Added ability for teachers to record and play voice note feedback.
  • Added ability for students to play voice note feedback.

March 2021

  • Added document only word cloud on student feedback panel.
  • The options pane has been added to the extension.  Teachers can now update their default grade, interface language, school name and district, as well as the language CheckIt uses to mark the doc.  They can also see their name and email address associated with their account.  The options icon has replaced the dashboard icon in the top right of the sidebar.
  • Rubrics can now be archived. Archived rubrics will no longer appear in the rubric list within the extension/addin, previously scored documents will be unaffected.
  • The rubrics page no longer has a 'shared' tab, all rubrics shared with or created by a user will show in the rubric list. The table also now has an 'owner' column and green checkmarks for the owner and locked columns.
  • The rubrics page also has two new tabs:
  • 'Texthelp rubrics' - allows users to see and duplicate the default Texthelp rubrics.
  • 'Archived' - allows users to see and restore any archived rubrics.
  • Added a 'show all students' toggle to the student list page. When off, the page will only list students who have had at least one document scored within the selected timeframe.
  • Locale is now set based on the users selected locale in their settings.

February 2021

  • Feedback character limit in extension is extended to 500 characters.
  • Added tooltip to tell users they can expand the word cloud by clicking on it, also adjusted the border of the preview to fade out so it doesn't look like text was incorrectly cut off.
  • Added button on student menu to retake tour.

January 2021  

  • Removal of the POSTagger preventing permission popups occurring over and over.
  • Student email fix - adds the domain of the teacher in the event that an invalid student email was about to be set.
  • Competition API endpoint - endpoint for the sales competition.
  • Vocab age - the vocab age is no longer rounded before passing to the dashboard/extension. This was causing differences between a marked documents vocab age and the dashboard.
  • Google classroom issue - allows teachers of shared classes to import a classroom if it was previously imported by another teacher.


December 2020

  • SPaG errors are now highlighted in the student extension.
  • Google spelling errors are hidden and replaced with CheckIt errors and added to the error count if they don't conflict with a CheckIt error.
  • Document changed popup replaced with a notification in the panel.
  • Region appropriate terms used in the rubric panel.  E.g. "Year" instead of "Grade".
  • Custom rubric total fixed on student feedback.
  • Other bug fixes.
  • Added an export button to the student list, classroom list and specific student pages for the teacher dashboard and the homepage of the admin dashboard. This will download a CSV of the scored documents 'filtered' for the current page (ie student/classroom/district) and currently selected date.
  • The rubric builder updated to allow users to move and delete specific rows in the rubric builder now.
  • Print and share buttons on rubric builder now have icons.
  • The rubric breakdown for each row of a rubric will now appear on the student page by hovering over the total score in the table.
  • Rubric Print updates: The print styles for rubric handouts have been tidied up, for example hiding unused cells in rubrics that have many columns.

November 2020

  • Writing analytics - the student writing analytics are now sent to our API instead of Google Analytics (GA). This works similarly to sending the data to GA - an hourly alarm will check to see what new writing events (anything before the current day) have not been synced and it will send them.
  • Other GA events - we've removed some unused events and added several events to give us better clarity on daily usage for students and teachers. Also we have events to give better visibility on the drop off of unregistered users.
  • New icon - the new branding icon has been added to the sidebar and will show up in the chrome toolbar (to the right of the address bar) and the Microsoft Word toolbar.
  • (Teacher dashboard) Writing analytics - a writing analytics tab is now available for premium students, this will show the writing stats for students previous writing bursts - New icon - the new branding icon has been added as the sites favicon.
  • Updated how we display each statistic to make it consistent with the extension - i.e. WriQ score/Vocab age was rounded to a whole number, these are now displayed to two decimal places if applicable.

October 2020

  •  Teacher can now dismiss rescore message.
  • Panel doesn't open automatically for some errors.
  • % no longer missing from accuracy.
  • Grammar errors can go over more than one line.
  • Vocab age uses new module and will not be less than 6.
  • Teacher can now register when they have sync turned off.

September 2020

  • Customizable Feedback.
  • Remove "30 Day Trial" Notification from licensed users.
  • Bug fixes including Vocab Age miscalculation, error message on docs with tables and TOC, Chrome language error, etc.

August 2020

  • Branding update in extension and dashboard.
  • Free Trials. Students and Teachers will now get premium features free for 30 days upon using WriQ (students) or registering (teachers). You can see if a free trial is active and how long is left in the menu on the sidebar.
  • SPaGlocks: the SPaG count is now a premium feature. Padlocks will appear over the count and not appear on the feedback image when viewing as a free teacher.
  • WriQ Score formula: The WriQ score formula has been updated to remove time on task, this means more appropriate results across the board without limiting students based on the time on task.
  • Complete rewrite. Users should notice better performance.
  • Teacher mode UI has been updated to match the student side of the extension.
  • Vocabulary age now uses the vocab index score.
  • Fix for the marking mode issue in 2.0.1.
  • Small updates to the API and both the Teacher and Admin dashboards:
  • Updated all references to the vocab age to use the vocab index value.
  • Some minor updates to the document scoring endpoints.

June 2020

  • Teacher Dashboard Update
  • Admin Dashboard Release

March 2020

  • Microsoft login.
  • Updated character count for rubric builder (size to 100).
  • Locale - Localisation is selected based on users country (defaults to US). Grades changed to years for languages outside US. Accuracy changed to Accuracy (SPaG) for UK. Locale options currently are: US, UK, Australia, Singapore and India.
  • Updated rubric title handling (size can be 100).
  • SPaG UI ordering.
  • Locale updates (same as dashboard).
  • UTM tracking code obtained when downloading the extension through a UTM link and then registering.
  • Checkit changes:
  • Checkit "Typos" now being correctly marked as grammar errors.
  • Checkit "Typography" now being correctly marked as punctuation errors.
  • Updated initial scoring to give grammar/punctuation errors priority in certain cases so the sidebar will be more accurate.
  • Fixed issue with the potential for over 2000 words to be sent to the spelling service which would return back an error but then not handle that error resulting in sidebar count being mismatched.
  • Teacher registration now passes Microsoft interest to sugar when registering through Microsoft.
  • Removed SQL decoding certain requests as the DB no longer contains SQL encoded data.
  • Removed unused original rubric fields from returning in responses and allowing modification in endpoints.
  • Earnable student achievement badges and achievements panel to see what you have unlocked and what you can achieve.
  • New minimised 'watch face'.

February 2020

  • Updated student feedback screens to handle the dynamic columns and row lengths.
  • Updated the student feedback tooltip positions so they stop flickering when you hover over the lower part of the feedback button.
  • Changed the correct spelling of "maximiSe" to the incorrect spelling "maximiZe" .
  • Stopped the UI element for 'generate data' flickering on the screen occasionally.
  • Fixed google docs scrollbar playing hide and seek when toggling the teacher sidebar.
  • Fixed the Google Doc SPaG selector from becoming permanently disabled when skipping a rubric and then going back to the scoring screen.
  • Added share option for rubrics. This will generate a custom link that can be shared with other WriQ teachers. They will be able to visit this link and import the rubric so it will be usable in their extension.
  • Added a print button and print styling to the rubrics screen to print them out in a handout format.
  • Updated Rubrics builder to support 7 x 10. The validation has been updated so rows can have a dynamic length (ie - row 1 could be 3 columns and row 2 can be 7). Updated all charts and rubric scoring displays to handle this dynamic row length.
  • Updated login to redirect you the previous route. This is mainly for the shareable rubric links so if the user was not logged into the dashboard it will redirect them to the link they had previously been trying to visit after login.
  • Fixed classroom API pagination issue for list of students.
  • Demo pages now have the same nav as the actual dashboard. Added a close button to the demo notification bar.