uPar Product Updates


March 2024

What's new?

Data filtering: Our new data filtering options allow you to sift through the 'All-Students' report with precision. Tailor your view to focus on specific groups or criteria, enabling you to devise more targeted support strategies for your students.

Group students by recommendation: Leverage our latest feature to group students based on our tailored recommendations. This functionality is designed to facilitate the organization of interventions and support, ensuring each student receives personalized attention based on their unique needs.

Easily identify those students that have not finished or started uPar: Stay informed about student engagement with the protocol. Our enhanced reporting features clearly indicate which students have started, not finished, or have not yet begun their assessments. This update is crucial for ensuring that every student gets the support they need, when they need it

January 2024

What's new?

Feature Highlight: Manage Stories

Administrators will find a new, user-friendly interface on universalpar.com for story management. You'll have the option to preview texts and choose which stories to include or exclude from the protocol. For each grade level, you can exclude one Narrative and one Expository story that doesn't fit your criteria. This new feature ensures that the content your students access is always appropriate and beneficial.

Feature Highlight: New Recommendation Label

We've updated the "UDL" label to "Independent Reader; Accommodation May Enhance Comprehension." This change aims to more accurately describe students who read at grade level independently, but can benefit significantly from accommodations like text-to-speech, enhancing their comprehension of even more advanced materials.

Feature Highlight: Change Grade Level

In response to your feedback, we've also  introduced a new feature for a common concern. Now, if a student mistakenly selects the incorrect grade level at the beginning of the protocol, they can easily correct it. This adjustment can be made before they start the protocol, ensuring that each student is working at their appropriate grade level from the get-go.