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How to create permission levels

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Teachers can have different permission levels based on their roles:

*Selection 1 permission level per teacher.


  • Educators can manage and view reports for their own students.
  • Educators must add students to view reports.
  • Recommend titles: 3-12 Teachers, Interventionists, Paraprofessionals


  • Analyst can access reports for all students.
  • Analyst will be able to see all student reports automatically.
  • Recommend titles: Principals, Administrators, Coordinators, Data Specialists


  • Admins can manage all educator and student users.
  • Admins will be able to manage educators, students, and see all reports associated with the license.
  • Recommend titles: Directors, Curriculum Specialists, Technology Integrationists, TOSA

It’s easy to change permission levels by selecting the permissions cog wheel next to each educator’s name- giving more control over who can see and do what. *To change permissions make sure educators have signed in for the first time.