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As the creators of Read&Write, we’re here to support you as you share Read&Write with your community. Below, you’ll find everything you need to spread the word, including a simple 3 step communication plan.

Not responsible for internal communications?

Share this page with a colleague and get them involved in helping to roll-out your brand new software, Read&Write. Or, share this page as a PDF instead.

But first, what is Read&Write?

Read&Write is an inclusion tool that supports people who think, learn and work differently. It’s a powerful set of reading and writing tools that help make digital text easier to understand for everyone.

With Read&Write, your organization is providing instant support to neurodivergent employees, those with low literacy, those with English as a second language, and beyond. 

They’re empowering 100% of your employees to understand and communicate in their own way.

So, let’s spread the word that Read&Write is available to all!

1. Send an email

Drop a note across your company inboxes, letting everyone know that Read&Write is available to them. Share how it could benefit their way of working. To help, here’s a template with some suggested text and shareable resources.

2. Share across your internal networks

If you use an internal social platform, share the news using our handy social visual provided below. We’ve also suggested some copy to help you shape your social posts.

Suggested copy:

We all have different ways of thinking, working, communicating and learning. That’s why we’ve just invested in brand new software that’ll support every single one of us to work in a way that suits us best. It’s called Read&Write for Work, and it’s available to download now.

3. Place some posters

Line your corridors with posters, or put them up around your company canteen or tea break area. With 3 to choose from, they'll surely capture the attention of your curious colleagues!

Introductory video

As you share the news, this introductory video will help to explain what Read&Write is. Share it throughout all your communications, so your people can understand how its features can support them.

Share this link: https://youtu.be/z72FbOJnlsQ

Have you upgraded from a Group to Enterprise license? 

If you’ve recently upgraded, your people may already have heard of Read&Write. But, they might be used to thinking of it as a tool for specific groups of people only. To help you explain why the software actually benefits everyone, we’ve created an email template for you to share.

Extra resources to help you communicate the benefits and promote usage.

We’ve created a dedicated learning academy for our product users. There, your employees will find everything they need to get the most out of Read&Write. 

We’ve included the link to Texthelp Academy in the email template above. But feel free to share it with your employees from time to time. That way, they’ll remember all the resources available to them.

Share this link to the Texthelp Academy with your employees: https://academy.texthelp.com/read-and-write-workplace/user/

This flyer will help you to spread the word about the Texthelp Academy.

Share it over email. Or print it and hand it out at meetings, internal events, or leave it in communal areas.

Some of the resources you might want to highlight include:

Appointing a Read&Write Champion might also help.

A Read&Write Champion will master the Read&Write software and become your resident expert, ready to answer any questions your employees may have. They'll inspire their colleagues to use the software. They'll share the benefits, so all employees will understand how Read&Write can support them. 

Tell your employees all about this new role. To help you fill the role, we’ve written an email template for you. Within this template, we link to a blog we've also written that'll help explain the role to your colleagues. Share the email and find out who’s interested in becoming a champ!

Share your great work with your external community too!

Let your stakeholders know what great work you’re doing for diversity and inclusion. Share how inclusive technology is helping you to make the workplace more inclusive for all.

To help, here’s a blog template.

Share on social

We've also created some social cards. Feel free to share across your social channels with a link back to your blog.

Suggested social media copy:

We've partnered with Texthelp to empower our neurodiverse workforce with inclusive technology, Read&Write for Work. Read&Write is an inclusion tool that supports people who think, learn and work differently. We’ve made it available to our staff to help our neurodiverse workforce to thrive. Discover more in our latest blog.

What else would you like to see?

Our team is on hand to support you however we can. If there’s a resource you feel would be particularly helpful to you, let us know!

Contact us at: abby@texthelp.com