Appoint a Read&Write for Work Champion

Read&Write for Work is very easy to use. We know however that sometimes having one-on-one support with new software can be a big help. So, we recommend getting a few employees on board to become your organization's Read&Write for Work Champions.

What is a Read&Write Champion?

A Read&Write Champion is someone who will become your company’s dedicated Read&Write for Work expert. They’ll receive training that will help them to develop expert knowledge of the software. With this, they’ll be able to help their colleagues to make best use of the software. They'll be your support on the ground, ready to answer any questions your people may have. They'll also be able to inspire usage by sharing the benefits its features can bring to everyone.

As an advocate for Read&Write, they'll make sure your organization is getting the most out of their investment.

Selecting a Champion

Your Champion should be someone with a passion for helping people, and making a difference. They’ll be someone who will help their colleagues to feel happier and more confident! 

To help you fill the role, we’ve written an email template for you. Within this template, we link to a blog we've also written that'll help explain the role to your colleagues. Share the email and find out who’s interested in becoming a champ!

What training is available for Read&Write Champion’s?

We offer remote product training, designed for up to 10 trainers. That means, you can choose to send your Learning & Development team as well as your appointed Read&Write champion/s!

Anyone who attends can become a Read&Write for Work Certified Trainer, ready to share their mastery with the rest of your organization.

The knowledge I now have of Read&Write for Work enables me to quickly demonstrate how to set it up and the benefits of using the software. I can help give new users the confidence to ‘play’ with Read&Write and get a feel of the software.