Read&Write for Education Product Updates


January 2024

What's new?

  • Settings Profiles in Read&Write for Google Chrome: With our new Settings Profiles, users can now save their current toolbar options, language, or features as a new profile. This means users can create multiple profiles and switch between them with ease. Each profile can be given a different name or unique identifier.

  • New Online Voices In Read&Write for Windows: Users now have access to over 75 new online voices in Read&Write for Windows. New voices include, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean and many more.


August 2023

What’s new?

Read&Write for Google Chrome - Rewordify feature: This update includes a new feature on the web toolbar called Rewordify, which finds complex or difficult words and replaces them with simpler words.

June 2023

What's new?

  • Read&Write for Google Chrome: Texthelp folder for Collect Highlights, Vocab, Voice Notes and Practice Reading Aloud
    A new Texthelp folder in Google Drive and OneDrive is now used to store all documents and audio recordings created when using Read&Write. You’ll see subfolders for the following features: Collect Highlights, Vocabulary, Voice Notes, Practice Reading Aloud.
  • Read&Write for Google Chrome: In-product link to Texthelp Academy
    A new button in the Read&Write menu now takes you to the Texthelp Academy, for access to videos, how-tos and other product resources.

May 2023

What’s new?

March 2023

What's new?

  • New Trinity Irish voices now available

February 2023

Hotfix for Canvas, PowerSchool and other sites (Version 2.1.59) - (February 9)

What's new?

New Icelandic text to speech voices added

January 2023

New Microsoft sign-in (Version 2.1.48) - (January 9)


December 2022

Hotfix for MathJax support (Version 2.1.32) - (December 5)

What's new?

  • This update resolves an issue with crashes on multi-frame sites that use MathJax

November 2022

MathJax Support and other bug fixes (Version 2.1.31) - (November 30)

What's new?

  • Read&Write can now be used to read math equations and content created using MathJax.

October 2022

Hotfix (Version 2.1.9) - (October 26)

What's new?

  • Read Equatio math in Word Online:
  • Math equations and other STEM content created with Equatio in Word Online can now be read aloud by Read&Write. Just select the math and click the Play button.
  • Copy and paste definitions, images and translations:
  • You can now select text or images from the Dictionary, Picture Dictionary and Translator windows in order to copy and paste. This is helpful for those users who may want to take only specific dictionary definitions or translations and put them into a Doc, Slide or other file.

August 2022

Voice Notes in Slides and Fixes in Google Docs (Version 2.0.53) - (August 22)

What's new?

Voice Notes in Google Slides:

One of our most popular feature requests, Voice Notes in now available in Google Slides. You can click on a textbox or other object on a slide to insert a voice comment.

New Voices:

New voices have been added for the following languages: Bulgarian, Cantonese, Croatian

Ability for admins to configure default settings:

Admins can now push out default settings for users via Google Admin Console or Group Policy. They can configure a json file to set defaults like the text to speech voice, language, prediction settings, dark or light mode, and more. These defaults will apply for all new users when they first install Read&Write.

April 2022

More customer fixes and improvements (Version 2.0.5) - (April 14)

What's new?

1. More support in more places

Read&Write now works in more Learning Management Systems, websites and other third party environments. This includes:

  • D2L Brightspace
  • Canvas new Quizzes

2. New toolbar look and feel

Slightly updated toolbar UI that’s a more consistent design with other products like OrbitNote and Read&Write for Workplace. Also includes:

  • New Translator icon
  • New toolbar dark theme

3. Talk&Type in Google Slides

Talk&Type can now be used to dictate into slides themselves, not just Speaker Notes.

4. Support inside Comments in Google Docs, Google Slides and Word Online

Read&Write features can now be used inside comments - for example reading a comment aloud, or using Prediction or Talk&Type to write a comment.

6. Additional new features by popular request:

  • Setting to turn on/off read aloud of word suggestions in Prediction and Check It
  • New voices added - Hebrew, Catalan, Ukranian
  • Web Search feature now uses your selected default search engine