Google Chrome supports for ELL

Read&Write provides support for students who are at all levels of acquiring the English language, from those being introduced to English for the first time to those who are proficient in conversational English, but require additional support because of the complexity of the language.  Suggestions are made for tools that help with vocabulary attainment, reading and working with text, collecting and organizing information, and drafting and editing writing.

Tool suggestions for ELL

This resource gives specific tool suggestions for each of the four Core Skills of Language Learning (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) to help all levels of English Language Learners in acquiring a new language.

Voice Choices in Read&Write for Chrome

This is a complete list of the available voices and the languages each will read.

Text to Speech, Speech to Text (Talk&Type) and translator languages

This resource lists the voice choices of the languages that can be read aloud using Text to Speech, the Speech to Text languages that can be spoken and typed (Talk&Type) and the languages for which there is translation available.

Levels of ELL support in Google Chrome

This chart gives suggested Read&Write tools to help basic, intermediate and advanced levels of English Language Learners.

Read&Write for Google Chrome supports dual language programs

This chart makes specific suggestions of tools to use by dual language learners while reading, practicing oral fluency, learning new vocabulary, increasing comprehension, and writing.  Links to the videos showing how each tool suggested works are included.

ELL reading vocabulary strategy lesson for beginners

This presentation explains a reading strategy for identifying the words in a passage that students know, are familiar with, and do not know.  By doing this, teachers and students can choose the words they need to know better and build upon what they already know.  This strategy is demonstrated using Read&Write for Google Chrome but can be used with Read&Write for Windows or Mac as well.

ELL reading vocabulary strategy lesson for intermediate users

This strategy is an alternative to asking comprehension questions in order to assess what students understood by making the student the questioner.  Teaching students to ask questions will help them to better anticipate and answer questions.  This is the first step in getting students to be active readers, interacting with the text by questioning, connecting, predicting and evaluating what they have read.

Build a list of idioms and their meanings

This short slide presentation shows how the Vocabulary List tool can be used to help build a list of idioms and their true meanings to help students with common expressions which are often unfamiliar to English Language Learners.

Verb meanings & tenses using vocabulary list builder

This short Slide presentation demonstrates how you can make some modifications using the Translator tool and Picture Dictionary to help students learn verb meaning and verb tenses.