ReachDeck Learning Resources

Below, you’ll find everything you need to learn how to use all of ReachDeck’s features. 

Visit each section, download the resources, and enjoy your new journey to becoming more inclusive than ever before. As you go along, don’t forget to share the resource pages with the relevant members of your team.

Get scanning with the ReachDeck Auditor

The ReachDeck Auditor makes it easier for your fast-paced teams to manage quality assurance. It saves you time from manually checking for accessibility errors, and removes the need for you to keep track of every change to your website.

Instead, use the ReachDeck Auditor to scan your entire website for WCAG errors. Build it into your team's routine, and scan regularly. It’ll uncover accessibility errors including broken links, and readability problems. Helping you to maintain accessibility of all your digital content.

To help you, we've created a step-by-step guide to using the Auditor.

“With ReachDeck, I like the Auditor tool the most. I have relied on it heavily while updating my website. It flagged up code that was obsolete so I could fix it. It also flagged that a search bar on our website didn’t have a ‘submit’ button. This was a great find and allowed us to fix it too.”

Edit out hard to read content with the ReachDeck Editor

The ReachDeck Editor helps you to keep readability in mind, at the time of writing. As you type it highlights jargon words, reading age, long sentences and more. 

Whether you’re writing for an internal or external audience, use the ReachDeck Editor to make sure your content can be understood by everyone.

To help you make best use of the ReachDeck Editor, we’ve created a handy guide.

Support your web visitors with the ReachDeck Toolbar

Every visitor to your website is unique. They each have different needs. Giving them a choice in how they access your online information supports inclusion.

Add the ReachDeck Toolbar to your website and provide your visitors with reading, speech and translation support.

Follow our simple steps to get started.