How should I use ReachDeck to make best use of the software?

  • ReachDeck

ReachDeck has been designed as your all-in-one solution to improving accessibility. Use the ReachDeck Auditor to scan your URLs for accessibility errors. Then, download the reports to help you prioritize and discuss fixes with your team. Make sure you keep using the ReachDeck Auditor to monitor WCAG errors as you change and update your website.

To make sure all the content that you add is inclusive, use the ReachDeck Editor. It helps you to write content that's easy for everyone to understand. And helps to make sure that your content is written with readability in mind, right from the start.

Finally, add the ReachDeck Toolbar to your website. It'll help your visitors to read and translate your content. They can use it to change the format to suit their needs.