Use The LaTeX Editor in Equatio

  • LaTex Editor

The LaTex editor is reserved for your more advanced users. At Texthelp we have taken the fear out of making math online by doing the heavy lifting for you, the user. When you open the editor, your LaTex editor will appear on your left and your Equation Editor appears on the right. You may access your prediction and input formulas on the right, and notice we will make the LaTex on the left for you. Here is an example of one way you can use the LaTex editor to your benefit. Watch the example on the screen for how you can use our Screenshot Reader in conjunction with the LaTex editor in order to move math from a PDF into a Google Document. Because these features are typically reserved for advanced users, I am going to keep this input method very brief, just know you can always go into your LaTex editor and alter your math here if you wish. Take a minute before moving to the graph editor, to type some items into the prediction on your right hand side. Watch the LaTex appear and this will more than likely make you very pleased that we are making this markup language for you.