Use Keyboard Shortcuts In Equatio

  • Equation Editor

This video will focus on providing users certain keyboard shortcuts to help them navigate through the product. Using the Equation Editor, to make multiple lines of math, a user should simply tap the enter key to get to line 2. Once the cursor reaches line 2, your alignment buttons will appear. To copy one line of math down to the next, users will want to know the next tip. Press Shift CTRL Enter and immediately keep one line or work to show your steps, and on the new line, you can begin simplifying. To Create New Columns, press the Shift + Space Bar button. You can create as many columns as you need. Create fractions easily by pressing the front slash key /. After using prediction, and needing text for typing a word problem, type \text and tap the ‘Enter’ key. Highlight a selection of math and then type \sqrt and press ‘Enter’ to put an entire selection inside the square root symbol. Highlight any selection of math again and then type \underline and hit the ‘Enter’ key to underline the whole selection. Highlight a selection of math again and then type \overline and hit the ‘Enter’ key to put a line above the whole selection. Students who use screen reading software will love this shortcut. Click on any piece of Equatio Math. Press CTRL ALT Y to access the ALT Text or MathML.