Getting started with Equatio

The Texthelp Academy contains everything you need to become an expert in using Equatio.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to best use the learning resources in Equatio Academy so that you and your colleagues can get to know Equatio. Read the whole guide, or just dip into the sections that are relevant to you.

But first, let's get up and running with Equatio

If you need some extra help to install Equatio, we've got you covered.

Here’s where you can find all the information you need to see Equatio up and running:

If you’ve got any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated customer success team.

Now, let's explore how to use the Texthelp Academy to introduce your staff and students to Equatio.

Introduce staff to Equatio

Now that you know how to install Equatio, it’s time to start introducing it across your school. Let’s start with staff.

Academy is a comprehensive resource for learning all about Equatio and how to use it in your classroom. Here's what we recommend sharing from it to introduce staff to Equatio:

  • Intro to Equatio features a short introductory video and interactive feature tours, making it the perfect place to start learning about how Equatio can work in the classroom. 
  • Watch specific Feature Tour videos in Academy for a closer look at how each feature works.  
  • How To Articles includes bite-sized articles and FAQs that show staff how to get the most out of Equatio. 

Best Practices

  1. Identify educators to become Equatio experts - select educators from different areas of the school, district, or campus to encourage widespread adoption
  2. Find early classroom adopters of Equatio to determine best practices/use-cases to share with colleagues
  3. Use internal message boards, or the school intranet to encourage educators to share their findings, ask questions, etc.

Rolling out Equatio across your school

There are over a million Equatio users around the globe. Below, we provide you with suggestions on how to roll out Equatio to both educators and students.

For educators

  • Have your Equatio champions and early adopters train colleagues. The Train-the-Trainer materials have everything you need to help appoint these champions, and then equip them with the materials needed to train everyone in your school. 
  • For more in-depth training, the Training Guide is a user manual with step-by-step instructions and practice exercises for all the tools in Equatio.
  • The Learning Resources contain useful resources and guides to help staff continue to deepen their knowledge of Equatio
  • Webinars are a great way to help staff learn more about Equatio
  • Create your own internal promotional pieces using our Promote Usage materials for guidance
  • Set up Lunch & Learn days to review specific features of the tool
  • Include training for new hires

For students

  • Encourage teachers to spend a few minutes in class introducing new features. 
  • Show students this introductory video that is specifically designed to give students an overview of Equatio. This will help them start to become familiarised with their new learning tool.
  • For introducing students to Equatio Mathspace, this video will show students how easy it is to delve into new math concepts with Equatio. 
  • Identify students to become Equatio champions and set up peer mentoring 
  • Include training during orientations for Freshmen and transfer students
  • Use the school intranet/LMS to share resources and success stories for students and parents

Equatio Training Guide

New software can be a bit daunting. But don’t worry, we have training resources that can help at each stage.

The Equatio Training Guide is your user manual packed full of exercises, instructions, guides and examples to help you and your colleagues become experts in Equatio. 

Across Academy, we also recommend using the Train-the-Trainer materials to help you appoint trainers or champions. These colleagues will be equipped with everything they need to help train everyone in using Equatio. 

Texthelp Certification Program

The Texthelp Certification Program is a great way to demonstrate advanced knowledge of Equatio. The Program is divided into two levels:

Level 1 is for anyone who knows the basic functionalities of Equatio’s tools and would like to display their expertise as a Certified User. It’s particularly useful for anyone that’s asked to demonstrate usage of Equatio to students, educators, or colleagues. 

Level 2 is for anyone who would like to validate their expertise and learn how to apply Equatio for real-world needs. 

What do others have to say about Equatio?

Our tools help schools all over the world. Hear some of their stories, and discover what Equatio has done for them by choosing ‘Equatio’ under Categories.

Check out the support site for help specific to your platform 

Our Equatio Support Site is full of information that will help you and your colleagues get the most out of Equatio..

On the Support Site you can get specific articles for Equatio for Google Chrome, Windows, or Mac and for Equatio mathspace.

If you can’t find the Support article you’re looking for, reach out to our Tech Support team at with additional questions.

If you want to learn more about a certain product, each one has its own dedicated learning platform in the Academy. We recommend starting with the Intro section for each product, where you’ll find a short introductory video.