Tint your screen

  • Screen Tinting

A screen tint can really help some users to read text on their screen. This could be a white or grey tint to reduce overall contrast, or a colour overlay (such as blue or rose) for users with Irlen syndrome or visual stress.

ClaroRead includes a utility, ClaroView, that applies a tint to your whole screen:

1. Click the Extras button on the ClaroRead toolbar, and then select ClaroView. Note that you can also run ClaroView from your Windows Start menu. If a screen tint isn’t applied immediately, click the computer icon to toggle it on.

2. Select a colour. You can choose from 11 standard colours, or click the blue arrow for 14 additional colours. Click the blue arrow again to use a custom colour.

3. Click the box with an 'a' and a line going through it to toggle TrueBlack mode on or off. TrueBlack mode tints the page background while leaving text (and other dark colours) unchanged. This is similar to the effect of a physical filter and may work better for some users.

4. After you have got your screen tinted how you want it, click OK to minimise ClaroView. Your chosen screen tint will remain in place.