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Read out text that you can’t select

  • Scan From Screen

Some text cannot be read out easily as it is inaccessible – usually because it’s an image of the text rather than actual words and characters.

For example, when a document has been scanned quickly, you may have a PDF that contains images of its pages rather than actual accessible text. Google Books is another example of inaccessible text.

You will not be able to select inaccessible text with your mouse, or position your cursor in it. You can still read it, however, using ClaroRead’s Scan from screen tool:

1. Zoom in to make the text you want to read as large as possible. This helps ClaroRead to recognise it correctly.

2. Click the Scan button on the ClaroRead toolbar, and then select Scan from screen.

3. Your mouse pointer changes to a crosshair. Click the left mouse button and hold it down while you drag out a rectangle around the text that you want to read.

4. ClaroRead overlays your screen with a blue rectangle as you select the scanning area. After you have selected the text, release the left mouse button.

5. ClaroRead scans the area you selected, reads out any text it finds, and copies it to the clipboard as text.

If you have an entire inaccessible PDF or image file that you need to read out, it may be easier to use ClaroRead’s Scan from PDF / File feature to convert it into accessible text.