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Read back text as you type

  • Speech

By default, ClaroRead automatically “echoes” the words you type – that is, it reads aloud every word that you type, immediately after you type it. This is great for confirming that you have typed the word that you intended, but note that you may type quicker than ClaroRead can speak!

You can also configure ClaroRead to echo sentences or individual characters.

ClaroRead can either speak each letter’s name as you type (like “ay” for “apple”) or speak each letter’s sound (like “ah” for “apple”). If you’re a beginning learner working on your phonics, the letter sounds may be most useful.

To set how ClaroRead echoes text:

1. Click the Settings button on the ClaroRead toolbar.

2. In the Settings window, click Speech to open the Speech tab (if it is not already visible).

3. Click the Advanced Speech button, at the right of the Speech tab.

4. At the left of the Advanced Speech window, there are check boxes that control how ClaroRead echoes text.

5. Select whether you want ClaroRead to read back Characters, Words, and/or whole Sentences as you type them. You can select any combination of these.

6. If you want ClaroRead to also read text when you press the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the Cursor moves check box. For example, ClaroRead will read out the whole of the previous line when you press Down.

7. Finally, if you have selected the Characters check box, you can then select the Letter sounds check box if you want ClaroRead to speak each letter’s sound rather than its name.

8. Click OK to close the Settings window.