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Change the voice

  • Voices

If you don’t like ClaroRead’s default voice, or simply want to try a different one, you can change it from within the Speech settings:

1. Click the Settings button on the ClaroRead toolbar.

2. In the Settings window, make sure that you are on the Speech tab.

3. Click the Voice drop-down list and then select a new voice.

4. You can click the Test button to see how the selected voice sounds.

5. When you have chosen a voice you like, click OK to close the Settings window.

ClaroRead includes many high-quality voices, male and female, in a range of languages and accents. It can also use other voices, including Microsoft’s, which you can also find in the Voice drop-down list.

Make sure that you select a voice that matches the language of your text – an English voice like Vocalizer Expressive Kate will not read Swedish text correctly, for example.

From the Speech tab, you can also change the speed that ClaroRead uses to read out text, and the volume (relative to other applications on your computer).

Can’t find a voice you like? You can install new voices using the Get more voices button, at the top right of the Speech tab.