ClaroRead DSA Updates


February 2024

What's new?

  • Meet new voices 
    Students can now experience a more human-like touch with our latest additions to our in-product voices. We have invested in new Amazon Polly Neural voices. All new Read&Write and ClaroRead licences will offer these more human-sounding voices, creating engagement and a relatable user experience. We're thrilled to announce the addition of Welsh and Scots Gaelic voices, recognising the diversity in our user base. This means students can now listen to content in voices that resonate with their unique linguistic characteristics, promoting inclusivity and enhancing satisfaction.
  • Mobile offerings 
    Our latest mobile offerings mean that students can now, more than ever, stay in sync with their dynamic university lifestyle. ClaroRead and Read&Write now provide access to essential product features on the move. Promoting an even more flexible approach to learning than ever before. 
  • ClaroRead users can now access the OrbitNote tools
    New ClaroRead DSA licences now give users access to OrbitNote premium. Orbitnote will allow users to use all their favourite ClaroRead features directly on a PDF without any need to convert.
  • The ScreenRuler is now only available in ClaroRead
    ScreenRuler is now only available with ClaroRead licences. ScreenRuler allows part of the screen to be highlighted or underlined depending on the user’s preference. This helps students to concentrate by focusing on smaller amounts of text at a time, reducing distraction and visual stress.