WriQ Learning Materials

Quick start guide

A quick guide to get you started with the basics of WriQ - learn about the key features, where to find them within WriQ and how to start using them.

Teacher guide

Our teacher guide is the perfect starting point for teachers who want to start using WriQ with their students - learn about the key features, how to collaborate with your students and what to look out for on the WriQ dashboard.

How to register with WriQ

This presentation shows what you need to do to register in order to use WriQ.

How to create your own rubric and share a rubric

This presentation gives you step by step instructions on how to create and add your own rubric, how to share a rubric you have created with others, and how to make modifications to a shared rubric.  A bonus rubric and writing template (Google doc) for using Exit Slips/Exit Tickets is included.

Summarizing strategy - Explanation, template and rubric

This presentation gives instructions and examples of how to introduce and use the strategy with students in grades 3 - 12.  A summarizing strategy template (Google doc)  and a rubric for scoring are included. 

Quick help guides

Adding a Custom Classroom without Using Google Classroom

This is a one page document giving step by step instructions to creating your own classroom in WriQ.

Importing a Google Classroom into WriQ

Because WriQ works with Google Classroom, this document will give you the four easy steps to importing your classes. 

Using the Rubric Section of the Dashboard Overview

This document will give you a brief overview of how to use the Rubrics section of the WriQ dashboard including viewing, creating, duplicating and customizing rubrics.

Student Errors - Using the Toggle

This diagram shows how teachers and students can use the Student Error toggle to either display or hide looking at the individual spelling, punctuation and grammar errors on each document assessed.

What is the WriQ Dashboard?

The WriQ Dashboard is the hub of the WriQ experience.  It is where you can see and compare  class data, analyze student  progress, and create, edit, and share rubrics. This three page document will give you a breakdown of each of these areas.

Assignments for Google Classroom

This feature for Google Classroom users will allow you to create assignments through WriQ.  This three page document will show you how to use this feature.

Adding Voice Notes for Teacher Feedback in WriQ

This premium feature will allow teachers to give feedback using their voice. This document will give you step-by-step instructions how to do so.