How Read&Write can support EVERY learner

Discussing Read&Write and its context right across the institution, we’ll look at each type of learner and how to use Read&Write to benefit everyone from those that struggle, to those that are high achievers. Understand how Read&Write fits with every type and level of learner - Understand how specific features can help with areas of focus within educational planning - Understand how Read&Write impacts attainment for all students.

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Aired on: Thu, 21 Dec 2023 00:00:00 GMT


Hayley Butler
Senior Customer Success Executive


50 minutes

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Meet the speakers

Hayley Butler

Senior Customer Success Executive

Hayley has been a key account manager within the Texthelp Customer Success team for over 3 years. Driven by the incredible impact she sees the products have in schools and institutions across the UK, her constant focus is on ensuring every user has the tailored support, tools and resources they need to make Texthelp tools really count. Always ensuring the very best customer experience, Hayley is an accomplished, CPD Certified speaker who you’ll often find presenting webinars, training or at events.