Share uPar with your community

As you continue your journey with uPar, we’re here to support you. Below, you’ll find everything you need to share uPar with your teachers and students.

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Share this page with a colleague and get them involved in helping to roll-out your brand new software to other educators, students, and beyond.

But first, what is uPar?

Identify the reading accommodations that are right for each student

uPar is an online reading protocol that provides educators with essential data on how their students read and understand text. This data helps teachers understand how each student understands what they read. It shows exactly “what works” for each student and determines the reading accommodations that are right for them.

Now, let’s spread the word that uPar is now available!

Let your leaders know that uPar is available

One of the most important ways of getting started with uPar is by letting education leaders know that it’s available.

Copy and paste this email template and share it with your education leaders. And remember, this is just a guide, you can adapt as required.

Encourage teachers to use uPar

Once your leaders are onboard with uPar, it’s time to start letting educators know about uPar by explaining how it could benefit their classrooms.

Here are some email templates you can use and edit to introduce uPar to teachers.

Spread the word further

Sharing across your social media platform can be another effective way to spread the word that uPar is available to the education community. To help with this, we’ve suggested some copy to help create a social post or message.

Suggested copy for social media post:

It’s important that our classrooms are inclusive spaces where all students can learn, grow and thrive. With uPar, a data-driven reading support solution, we can confidently tailor learning experiences to each student's needs by making data-backed decisions. uPar helps educators identify students who may benefit from read-aloud support and provide targeted interventions to help them succeed.

You could also continue to promote uPar by putting up posters in your teachers’ lounge, staffroom, or notice boards around the school.

Communicate with parents and caregivers that uPar is available

Lastly, it’s time to let parents and guardians know that uPar may be used to assess their child’s reading abilities. This keeps parents informed and shows your efforts to create inclusive educational environments where all students can thrive.

To help, here’s an email that you could send out to parents.