Share Read&Write with your community

As you continue your journey with Read&Write, we’re here to support you. Below, you’ll find everything you need to share Read&Write with your community.

Not responsible for communications?

Share this page with a colleague and get them involved in helping to roll-out your brand new software to educators, students, and beyond.

Let your leaders know that Read&Write is available

One of the most important parts of getting started with Read&Write is letting district and school leaders know that it's available.

Copy and paste this email template, and share with your district and school leaders.

Encourage every teacher to try Read&Write

Every class, and every student can benefit from the tools offered in Read&Write.

Once your district and school leaders are onboard with Read&Write, it's now time to let educators know about the tool, and how it can help each and every student in their class.

Share the news about Read&Write in these easy-to-use email templates and get every teacher using it with the students in their class.

Spread the word further...

Help to spread the word that Read&Write is available with these flyers.

Pop them in teachers' lounges and on noticeboards around the school.