Share OrbitNote with your community

As you continue your journey with OrbitNote, we’re here to support you. Below, you’ll find everything you need to share OrbitNote with your teachers and students.

Not responsible for communications?

Share this page with a colleague and get them involved in helping to roll-out your brand new software to other educators, students, and beyond.

But first, what is OrbitNote?

Take your documents to the next level, with OrbitNote.

OrbitNote is a transformative PDF app that lets educators and students interact with documents in different ways, including highlighting text, adding notes, drawing on the document, and collaborating with others in real time.

Specifically designed for today’s digital education, OrbitNote turns inaccessible documents into interactive documents for complete ease-of-use. This breaks down barriers in digital education, making it an accessible and equitable space for all.

To help with promoting that OrbitNote is available in your school or college, we’ve put together some resources to help you on your way. This will have everything you need to introduce OrbitNote to staff, students and parents. 

So let’s spread the word that OrbitNote is now available to all learners!

Let your leaders know that OrbitNote is available

One of the most important ways of getting started with OrbitNote is letting education leaders know that it’s available.

Copy and paste this email template and share it with your education leaders. And remember, this is just a guide, you can adapt as required.

Encourage every teacher to try OrbitNote

OrbitNote is here to help students become more confident and independent. 

Once your leaders are onboard with OrbitNote, it’s time to start letting educators know about OrbitNote by sharing some of the features and how it could benefit their classrooms. 

Here are some email templates you can use and edit to introduce OrbitNote to teachers.

Spread the word further

Sharing across your social media platform can be another effective way to spread the word that OrbitNote is available to the education community. To help with this, we’ve suggested some copy to help create a social post or message.

Suggested copy: 

Students need to work with digital documents that are accessible and equipped with the tools they need. That’s why we’ve invested in a brand new software that will support our students’ learning with editable and accessible PDFs. OrbitNote is a PDF app that’s designed for today’s digital education. OrbitNote is available to use now.

You could also continue to promote OrbitNote by putting up posters in your teachers’ lounge, staffroom, or notice boards around the school.

Communicate with parents and caregivers that OrbitNote is available

Lastly, it’s time to let parents and guardians know that OrbitNote is now available to their children or young person. This shows your efforts to create inclusive educational environments where all students can thrive. It’s also important for parents to know about OrbitNote, should students use it at home for homework and study.

To help, here’s an email that you could send out to parents.