Read&Write - Summer preview

The wait is over! The Read&Write updates are here.

Two years ago, Texthelp and Don Johnston Inc joined forces to provide the most comprehensive suite of tools for students and educators. Since then we've been listening closely to our customers and what your needs are. The number one ask has been the availability of all the great tools in Read&Write, Co:Writer, and Snap&Read, all in one place. Now, the wait for that is over.

We’re so pleased to be able to bring the best parts of technology from across our Group of companies into one place. Starting on the July 1st, the features from Snap&Read and Co:Writer are rolling over into Read&Write for Google Chrome.

Check out the video below for what's new:

Co:Writer Prediction

Co:Writer prediction will provide the strongest, and most accurate word prediction available on the market. Co:Writer’s Neuron™ prediction engine follows the natural relationships of ideas and concepts in the brain. The feature includes a simple-to-use word prediction engine specifically designed to free up ideas so they more naturally flow into writing—helping overcome writer’s block, word recall issues, and other barriers to writing.

Co:Writer prediction also makes it easier to insert words from the prediction list into your document. Just type the number next to it - no more keyboard shortcuts required.


This powerful tool groups lists of words together by content areas that can be activated or deactivated manually when writing on topics containing complex topic-specific words. This means no more getting tripped up by hard-to-spell vocabulary like Pterodactyl or Tyrannosaurus. Instead, users can focus on writing for meaning and to express their knowledge.

Applying a Topic increases students’ efficiency by getting to content-specific words in just one or two keystrokes. There are over 500 Topic Dictionaries built into Co:Writer.


Horizontal Mode: The familiarity of the current Read&Write toolbar - with a few small changes. Toolbar sits at the top of the screen and is fully customizable.

Vertical Mode: Mimics the vertical layout of the Snap&Read toolbar. Vertical mode will mean that the toolbar is docked on the right hand side of the screen. It’s customizable too, so users can add icons from Read&Write toolbar as desired.

Writing Mode: Replicates the familiar Co:Writer experience. Ideal for users who primarily need writing support and may get overwhelmed with a toolbar with many different features.

The latest training on Read&Write's new features

Ready to unlock the full potential of Read&Write's new features? Our training session is now available on-demand, so you can learn at your convenience.

You'll come away with the knowledge and understanding of how all of these new features are going to function. You and all of your other trainers and Read&Write champions will be able to support staff and students in getting up to speed. Expect a dive into feature changes, as well as how these cutting-edge developments provide even better support for struggling writers, English Language Learners, student independence and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • From July 1, 2024 we will start introducing some of the fantastic Co:Writer and Snap&Read features into Read&Write for Google Chrome. To begin with, we’ll be adopting Co:Writer’s unrivaled prediction feature into the main toolbar. We’ll also be introducing three new ways that you can experience the tools in Read&Write - Horizontal mode, Vertical mode and Writing mode. All designed to put the user’s needs at the heart of our product. And, we’ll be adding ‘Topics’ - a way to sharpen Co:Writer prediction by tailoring vocabulary to a topic of choice.

  • Co:Writer provides the strongest, and most accurate word prediction available on the market. With Co:Writer’s prediction, users will also have the ability to use Topics, to predict the words a student is trying to use. Co:Writer’s prediction tool also includes a variety of new customizable options to meet student needs such as Writing Mode, which hides the prediction window until a student needs to use it.

    These updates give you graduated levels of support when it comes to supporting students of all levels and abilities in your classrooms.

  • If you do not know how to contact your Texthelp representative, please submit this short form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

  • If your license is set to renew before December 31st, 2024, both tools can be renewed for the 2024/25 school year.

  • On July 1st, these updates will only be available in Read&Write for Google Chrome. However, we are planning to add Co:Writer and Snap&Read functionality into the desktop versions of Read&Write at a future date.

  • We understand that every Texthelp customer is unique. If you have any questions specific to your licenses, please contact your Texthelp account representative directly to discuss how this update will impact your subscription(s). If you do not know how to contact your representative, please submit this short form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

  • Texthelp does not intend to increase Read&Write’s price alongside this update. That’s right - three tools for the same great price.

  • The July 1st update will not affect the Read&Write Free for Teachers program, and new features will continue to be integrated into the program as they become available.

  • The features and settings that our customers value the most will be added into Read&Write - we want to avoid any loss of important functionality or support.

  • Co:Writer and Snap&Read will be officially sunsetted on December 31st, 2025.

  • Co:Writer and Snap&Read are now in “maintenance mode”. This means we'll keep fixing bugs and critical issues, as well as security updates. Overall, we will ensure the products remain fully functional and secure, but there won't be any new features or enhancements from now on. 

  • The features and settings that our customers value the most will be added into Read&Write - we want to avoid any loss of important functionality or support

  • On July 1st the following features will be available in Read&Write:

    • Co:Writer Prediction
    • Co:Writer Topic Dictionaries (choose from an existing topic dictionary)
    • Two new Read&Write toolbar modes

    Over the 2024/2025 school year, additional features will be rolled out to Read&Write including:

    • Co:Writer Topic Dictionaries (create your own topic dictionary)
    • Co:Writer Speech to Text 
    • Co:Writer Translation while speaking or typing
    • Snap&Read Page Translation
    • Snap&Read Outlines
    • Co:Writer Additional Prediction Settings
    • Co:Writer Testing and Assessment Settings
    • iOS Updates
    • A new, centralized Data Dashboard for all Texthelp products
  • Over the 2024/2025 school year we will be working on an updated Read&Write data platform that will incorporate elements of data that Co:Writer and Snap&Read customers currently use. Plus, we’ll be including district rostering to give you even more detailed usage data.

    Throughout this process we’ll work with you directly to transition your data and keep data accountability intact for your district.

  • We don’t anticipate this impacting state tests or assessments that currently have Co:Writer embedded. Because Co:Writer will become the prediction in Read&Write, this means that students using Co:Writer on the state test will have access to the same prediction during their daily use.

  • We’re committed to updating the functionality of Read&Write and OrbitNote in iOS prior to the sunset of Snap&Read and Co:Writer in December of 2025, as well as providing training resources specific to iOS. 

    Until that time, Read&Write and Co:Writer will continue to support iOS users.

  • In early July 2024, Snap&Read and Co:Writer features will be available in Read&Write for Microsoft Edge™. Updates will roll out on a similar timeline to Google Chrome.

  • Read&Write uses the Texthelp Admin Tool to manage which students get access to the premium version of Read&Write. Students can be licensed via several options including Google Groups, Google Sheet, Excel Sheet, and CSV. 

    This is only needed for group licenses of Read&Write where a finite number of seats has been purchased - for unlimited licenses, students can sign in with their school Google or Microsoft account.

    Over the coming months, we will be reviewing the sign-in methods that Co:Writer and Snap&Read provide for users and looking at opportunities to add these to Read&Write. We want the transition to be as seamless as possible for schools and their students.

  • Co:Writer prediction provides the strongest, and most accurate word prediction available on the market. It includes a simple-to-use word prediction engine, specifically designed to free up ideas so they more naturally flow into writing – helping to overcome writer’s block and word recall issues. To learn how to use the new Co:Writer Prediction, compared to the former Read&Write Word Prediction, click here.