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Read a web page aloud

  • Speech

To read web pages aloud, we recommend that you add either ClaroRead Chrome or ClaroRead Edge to your browser. These are extensions that offer their own toolbars for use within your browser – they work in most web pages, including web applications such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Word Online.

The ClaroRead Chrome and Edge toolbars both include a Play button for reading out text – you can also select text to read it aloud, or have text echoed back as you type it, just like in ClaroRead Windows.

ClaroRead Chrome and Edge have lots of other features, including scan from screen, speech recognition, a spelling checker, word prediction, and much more.

Note that ClaroRead Chrome also works on Chromebooks.

You can get ClaroRead Chrome and ClaroRead Edge from the Chrome and Edge stores:

ClaroRead Chrome - Chrome Web Store (

ClaroRead Edge - Microsoft Edge Addons (