Apply a reading ruler or screen mask

  • Screen Tinting

A reading ruler can greatly help some users to focus on just the text that they are reading. This could be a light strip with the rest of the screen darkened, or a thin dark underline that moves with your mouse.

ClaroRead includes a utility, ScreenRuler, that adds a configurable reading ruler to your screen:

1. Click the Extras button on the ClaroRead toolbar, and then select ScreenRuler. Note that you can also run ScreenRuler from your Windows Start menu.

2. Select a Mode near the top of the ScreenRuler window. This can be Ruler (typically a light tinted strip with a dark background, sometimes called a screen mask), Underline (usually a thin solid line), or Overlay (a single tint applied to the whole screen).

3. If using a ruler or underline, specify Size, Colour, and Opacity in the Ruler section. This defines the strip (or line) that moves with your mouse.

4. In the Outside ruler section, you can specify whether you want shading above or below the strip (or line).

5. If you are just using ScreenRuler in overlay mode, the only settings available are the overall Colour and Opacity.

After you have set up your reading ruler how you want it, click the green tick button.

6. To minimise ScreenRuler. Your chosen configuration will remain in place.