Lock Shapes In Equatio mathspace

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"There are many scenarios where a teacher may want to consider locking an object on a shared space with their students. This will prevent users of a shared space from being able to move the item once it has been received. Simply select any item on the mathspace page. This can be a number, a shape, a smart shape, etc. Once the object has a box around it, you will know it has been selected, and a menu will appear on the far right side of the screen. In the menu, you will see the ‘Lock’ option toggled to the off position. Click on the toggle to turn it blue. In the upper left corner of the object selected, you will see a grey icon appear that resembles a padlock indicating that this object is now unable to be relocated by students. *Please note that the Lock option is designed to work once the mathspace has been shared with the student. In other words, the student is the user who will experience the locked object, not the instructor.

From the student side, they will still have the ability to select the locked object and have the menu appear. This option is helpful for those who want to select the play button to hear the item read aloud."